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Quality, OHS and Environmental Policy

In order to ensure the stability of our success in the sectors in which we operate as TORKAM Holding and accordingly to add value to the future;

  • To carry out the works we undertake on time and in accordance with their projects, using all kinds of technology in today's conditions, with the experience gained by our institution in the process of our activity,
  • To comply with legal regulations and conditions without compromising,
  • Paying maximum attention to continuous improvement,
  • To take the ideas of all our employees and to ensure their participation in our projects in order to continuously increase the quality level,
  • To be aware that the trust we provide in the institutions we do business with is a big capital and to increase this capital day by day,
  • To make all our employees adopt as a basic duty not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, other employees and visitors with the help of necessary information and training,
  • We will monitor the hazards related to occupational health and safety with the same sensitivity and make the necessary effort to minimize them,
  • To take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents/incidents, injuries and occupational diseases,
  • To raise awareness that it is everyone's responsibility to stop unsafe work,
  • Identifying potential emergencies and being prepared for them,
  • To establish a prevention culture by systematically making risk assessments regarding possible dangerous situations and behaviours within the scope of all our activities,
  • Within the scope of all our activities, to evaluate our recyclable wastes, to reduce the use of limited natural resources, to prevent pollution that will occur due to wastes harmful to the environment, not to adversely affect creatures bioecology, and to take necessary measures in order not to pollute the environment,
  • To ensure continuous improvement without compromising the standards of Quality, OHS and Environmental Management Systems,
  • To be respectful to the environment and people, to accept our employees and customers as our benefactors.

It is our company's Quality, OHS and Environmental Policy.

10.01.2019 Rev.00