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Message Of President


As TORKAM Holding, we started our commercial journey with the foundation we laid in 1989. As of today, we continue our activities with our human resources consisting of 7 countries, 8 sectors, 25 group companies and with a team of 5000 people. We have companies and offices in Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Algeria, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We determined our fields of activity as

  • 1. Construction and Contracting
  • 2. Real Estate Development and Investment
  • 3. Technology and Space Industry
  • 4. Foreign Trade – Export
  • 5. Industry
  • 6. Logistics
  • 7. Mining
  • 8. Venture Capital

We are proud of developing qualified and successful projects with the experience we have gained from the first day, and constantly increasing our human resources, the volume of sectors, the number of countries in which we operate, and our business volume.

We have considered it our duty to keep our human resources, which are among the most important factors in our growth, together as a large and qualified family, and a group that aims at continuous development and sustainable success.

We have always been aware that being a global player means paying our debt of loyalty to the land we were born in. In our business development processes; we have built solid bridges between our commitment to our roots and universal values.

As TORKAM Holding, we see the secret of success in the constantly developing world in diversity, transformation, and innovation.
We would like to express our gratitude to our stakeholders, customers, financial institutions, suppliers, friends, employees, and their families on this path we walk together.

We see you as our guarantee for new achievements.

TORKAM Chief Executive Chairman