Human Resources


As TORKAM, we offer career and development opportunities to results-oriented, talented, open-minded candidates with a team of more than 5000 employees and a total of 25 companies in Europe, Asia, and Africa in various fields of activity.

Our basic policy is to protect and improve the motivation, happiness and all personal rights of our employees by contributing to their development.

We provide our employees with digital training and in-departmental training programs that enable continuous learning, have a direct impact on their performance and provide motivation.


To provide professional environments in which they can use and develop their abilities in line with their core values, goals, and strategies, to provide training opportunities that will increase their development and success in accordance with the most up-to-date professional standards in corporate fields. To provide strategic support for the improvement of business processes with mutual trust and communication.


With a global approach, it is to reveal the human resources in the most efficient way to train the leaders of the future in the sector.


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