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About Us


TORKAM İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş., whose foundations date back to 1989, is a TORKAM Holding subs operating in the fields of International Construction and Real Estate Development.

TORKAM Construction, which carries out large-scale and complex projects in Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Algeria, Luxembourg and the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially in Turkey, has extensive expertise in the construction and management of qualified and branded housing, social housing, shopping malls, hotels, sports facilities.

With a human resource of 5,000 people consisting of expert architects, engineers and technical personnel, TORKAM aims to develop continuously with its innovative, sustainable and stable structure.


By adopting “change and transformation”, we aim for continuous development and sustainability.


To provide added value to our country by achieving stability, continuous development and success in all areas in which we operate, by creating solid bridges between our commitment to our roots and universal values.